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We again find ourselves in the happy position to be able to present a selection of outstanding new prairie and Canadian experimental moving image work, as well as sensational experimental film and video from around the world. Visiting artists this year include Scott Benesiinaabandan (Montreal), Karl Lemieux (Montreal), two feature screenings from one of Canada’s most internationally celebrated filmmakers (Alfred Bauer Silver Bear award, Belinale 2013) Denis Côté (Montreal). Philip Hoffman (Toronto) will be presenting an anniversary screening of works from the legendary Mount Forest Ontario Independent Imaging Retreat, affectionately known as the Film Farm. As always, we are thrilled to present new work by local artists working in film and video, performance, and installation.

This year’s programs revealed some intriguing upgrowth in the moving image landscape. 2014 is the year the green crept in, and we saw a multitude of works that peer into the trees and from behind the bushes and plummet into the microscopic. Absurdities, rituals, and death emerge in works that uniquely explore some of the machinations behind our seeing experience. And a surprising portion of work engages in extended explorations of known film processes. As fewer film stocks and laboratories are available, film artists have really dug in their heels to joyfully blow out the orthodox.

To mark an upcoming change, the WNDX Curatorial Collective would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our longstanding president and co-founder of the Collective, Cecilia Araneda, whose 9th year with the Festival will be her last. Cecilia has contributed a wealth of time, knowledge, and expertise in all areas of the Festival. There can be no doubt that her tireless work to make WNDX a viable festival, one that is fruitful for filmmakers and audiences, and one that celebrates the best of our nation’s film and video practice has been a success – Cecilia we thank you! Please join us to judge that success for yourself. This September we will be inspired by the works and artists that strive to open up the borders of what we understand cinema to be.

— The WNDX Curatorial Collective