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Experimental Films for Kids!

Sunday, February 17 / 3 pm
Cinematheque – 304 – 100 Arthur St, Winnipeg

Join us for a short film program filled with lots of fun and a dynamic group of experimental films. From hand made films to documentaries to animations… you will see lots of cats! Learn a lot of good life lessons! Laugh! And have FUN! Local filmmaker favourites Darryl Nepinak, Leslie Supnet, Winona Bearshield and Ed Ackerman feature amongst an incredible roster of experimental films from all around! And as an extra added bonus, we will see the world premiere of ART CITY’S brand new handcrafted 16mm film!

Presented as part of the Winnipeg Film Group’s Cabin Fever! Free Films for Kids series.

Film Listings:

Popcorn Thief 
Directed by Ed Ackerman
1 min 30 , 2014, Winnipeg, MB
A “how – to” by Ed Ackerman.

Last of the Nepinaks 
Directed by Darryl Nepinak
3 mins, 2005, Winnipeg, MB
A nephew’s journey.

Welcome to the world of Mr. Kitty’s Style 
Directed by Winona Bearshield
1:30, 2013, Winnipeg, MB
Mr. Kitty keeps busy.

Kaleidescope Cat 
Directed by Nicole Mueller 
1:33 min, 2013, Baltimore USA
Kaleidoscope Cat is an experimental stop-motion animation made using a rotoscoping technique, with over 300 individually painted frames. Using mixed media, collage, and both painted and hand-drawn stills, the end result is a kaleidoscopic effect of colors and shape that morph and change constantly with the cat’s motion.

Hairy Man 
Directed by Steven Subotnik
3 mins 30 secs, 1998, Providence, USA
A psychological fable inspired by a folk tale from the American South.  Three characters pursue their hungers in a stream-of-consciousness chain of events.

A Time is a Terrible Thing to Waste 
Directed by Leslie Supnet
3 mins, 2012, Winnipeg, MB
A squirrel ponders the essence of time.

What a Day 
Directed by Shannon Lee 
3 mins, 2013, Detroit, USA
A routine is broken by a suspicious and delicious cupcake, sending this protagonist on a stimulating journey.  This film is created on 16mm clear leader with decorative tape, glitter, magazine clippings, permanent marker, and a razor blade.

Rad Plaid 
Directed by Jodie Mack 
6 mins, 2010, Hanover, USA
A series of chromatic intersections. Audience members form teams who respond to vertical lines by shouting “plaid” and to horizontal lines by shouting “plaid”. This approximation of the sound was recorded at the Anthology Film Archives in February, 2011.

Art City presents: Handcrafted Film with Rhayne Vermette
20 mins, 2018, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Who needs a camera to make a movie? In this super awesome 16mm film, Art City kids explore camera-less ways to make a film with guest artist Rhayne Vermette. Witness direct animation onto film through various techniques: scratch animation, tape lifting, ink on film, laser printing … and many more!  See it all in this cinematic explosion of color, sounds, materials and most importantly, fun!!