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[dropcap style=”font-size: 52px; color:#EFD77D;”]A [/dropcap]s a new generation of Prairie filmmakers embraces experimentation, the variety of forms and voices from the Prairies and across Canada continues to expand. WNDX is pleased to present New Prairie & Canadian Cinema. Each program features recent film & video art from the Prairies in the first half, followed by work from the rest of Canada in the second. Programs will commence with an outsider’s perspective of Winnipeg. Last year’s visiting filmmakers George Kuchar and Barbara Sternberg each created works about our city, which will provide starting points for the New Prairie & Canadian Cinema programs.

People This 2012 Shit is Hype! Apocaplytic predictions, cynicism, and formal experimentation abound in these short Canadian works that take a sidelong look at popular culture, nature, the spiritual digital, and the future of life as we know it.

Semi-auto Colours

Isiah Medina | Manitoba

6:10, HD, 2011

​Regional Premiere


This elliptical experimental film follows a gang of disenfranchised youth in Winnipeg’s West End as they dream of being gangstas and rappers. Rhythmically laconic and dreamily poetic.

Halloween 1977

Greg Jackson | Nova Scotia

2:22, SD, 2012

Regional Premiere

An experiment in the deconstruction of tone, by combining individual super 8mm found footage frames into individual frames of 35mm accompanied by a haunting electronic soundtrack.

Heart of Durham

Joel Wanek | USA

13:00, SD, 2011

Canadian Premiere

At an urban bus station in the American South, chance encounters with passengers help reveal some of the city’s complex history.

Keep a Modest Head (Ne Crâne Pas Sois Modeste)

Deco Dawson | Manitoba

19:00, 35mm, 2012, French with English subtitles

Regional Premiere

Equal parts narrative, experimental, documentary and animated film, “Keep A Modest Head” embraces the fantastical and wholly visual world of the Surrealists to whimsically illustrate the life and pursuits of 86 year-old Jean Benoit, the last official member of the hugely influential Surrealist group.

Threshold Economics

Hope Peterson | Manitoba

5:30, SD, 2011

Shot over a period of a year and a half in and around a Winnipeg apartment building, “Threshold Economics” is surveillance video by the occupant subject. This video poses an unstable visual narrative creating an atmosphere of precarity.

What the Chicken Knows (Or, The Eight Stages of Grief)

Ramon Nino T. Raquid | Phillipines

16:40, SD, 2011, Bicol with English Subtitiles

North American Premiere

A nameless narrator reflects about family, life, freedom, and vestiges of the metaphor of chicken in different places of his memory. This is a meditation about life, death, and melancholy that will explore the blurs between forgetting and remembering.

Sing As We Go

Marianna Milhorat | USA

5:40, SD, 2011

Canadian Premiere

The city’s wavering light is its pulse and its extinguishment. A voice booms out with unsure finality, on unfirm foundations.

Sea Series #10

John Price | Ontario

9:00, 35mm, 2011

Regional Premiere

A response to the Fukushima nuclear disaster, “sea series #10” was shot at Beachfront Park near the Pickering nuclear generating station in Ontario, Canada and processed in part with water derived from the lake.

The High Level Bridge

Trevor Anderson | Alberta

4:40, 35mm, 2010

Edmonton’s High Level Bridge has a morbid notoriety; it’s a frequent spot for suicides. Anderson pays homage to the people and events surrounding an odd landmark.

Somewhere In Between

Kellie Bronikowsi | USA

13:25, SD, 2012

Canadian Premiere

As he was, as he is. A portrait of my dad and an attempt on my part to encompass ones life.