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[dropcap style=”font-size: 52px; color:#EFD77D;”] A [/dropcap]s a new generation of Prairie filmmakers embraces experimentation, the variety of forms and voices from the Prairies and across Canada continues to expand. WNDX is pleased to present New Prairie & Canadian Cinema. Each program features recent film & video art from the Prairies in the first half, followed by work from the rest of Canada in the second. Programs will commence with an outsider’s perspective of Winnipeg. Last year’s visiting filmmakers George Kuchar and Barbara Sternberg each created works about our city, which will provide starting points for the New Prairie & Canadian Cinema programs.

Controlled Breach: Our landscapes evolve and collapse, and Canadian artists look at the spaces, places and memories that influence our sense of meaning. From work that extends our landscape tradition, to reflections on cultural and iconic roles, to explorations of personal loss.

Time Away

Carole O’Brien | Manitoba
7 mins, SD, 2007
Time Away is a meditation on finding your place in the world when your reality is more like floating in space. Time Away was commissioned by the Winnipeg Film Group for its 30th anniversary.

Waiting for the Parade

Paula Kelly | Manitoba
7 mins, SD, 2009
This film transforms the 75th anniversary celebration of Winnipeg in 1948 into a discourse on the city’s shifting identities through decades of progress and regress, cynicism and hope. “Waiting for the Parade” is part of a collection of three short films, Souvenirs, commissioned by the City of Winnipeg’s Public Art Program.


Sarah Abbott | Saskatchewan
4:00, 16mm, 1997
Having faith in the unknown. The film is in memory of Marian McMahon – filmmaker, academic and independent curator whose ideas and suggestions were instrumental in the development of this film.

She Drifts

Coral Aiken | Manitoba

4:00, SD, 2002

A woman contemplates an unusual dilemma as she drifts. Shot on Super 8 film, this film examines the borders of a difficult choice. A collaboration with poet Ada Bello.


Danishka Esterhazy | Manitoba

2:00, SD, 2002

A “bower” is an enclosed garden but also a medieval woman’s private chambers. Embowered is a short re-telling of The Lady of Shalott and an exploration of the restrictive demands of femininity. Inspired by the imagery of Julia Margaret Cameron, this film was shot on B&W 16mm, hand-processed, and hand coloured.


Dianne Ouellette | Saskatchewan

7:00, 16mm, 2005

Not long ago, my uncle told me the secret to life; shortly thereafter he had a massive heart attack and died. My grandfather lost both his wife and his son – my grandmother and my uncle – in a span of three years. Images of my grandfather by my grandmother’s grave talking about his own mortality and life together, are mixed with images of family.

her silent life

lindsay mcintyre | Alberta

31:00, HD, 2011

A version of family. From mother, grandmother, great-grandmother to me, stories flow through out matrilineal heritage to explore the remarkable life of my Inuk great-grandmother.