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[dropcap style=”font-size: 52px; color:#EFD77D;”]I[/dropcap]n Cree, ITWÉ translates “to speak,” which is the motivating premise behind this collective that are Caroline Monnet, Sébastien Aubin and Kevin Lee Burton. This series of films showcases the individual and collective works of the members of the ITWE Collective, bringing you a program that takes us into the heart of their collaborative voice.


Sean Grounds | Ontario

3:56, SD, 2011

Regional Premiere

A dystopic vision of the future of children’s television.

Ken, Fucked Up

Ruby Boutilier | Nova Scotia

8:31, Super 8, 2012

Regional Premiere

Barbie has forgiven Ken for buying her a toaster for Christmas and has let him back into the house after his Grand Romantic Gesture. Unfortunately, she had been in bed with his best friend at the time.


Darryl Nepinak | Manitoba

0:45, SD, 2012

World Premiere

It’s the Lone Ranger Show!

Tales from the Deep

Clark Ferguson | Saskatchewan

14:22, HD, 2012

Regional Premiere

The film follows a small town rural police force as they try to uncover a series of nonsensical suicides caused by single older men drowning within shallow sloughs.

Tabula Rasa

Matthew Rankin | Québec

9:50, 35mm, 2011, French with English Subtitles

In the aftermath of the 1950 Winnipeg flood, Fernand floats listlessly through the ruins of Saint-Boniface while Marie-Oiseau prays for a miracle.

Antimatter Twin

Julia Oldham | USA

9:50, HD, 2011

Canadian Premiere

A tragic love story about a woman and her antimatter conjugate. The two negotiate their relationship and draw closer and closer while knowing that, according to the laws of particle physics, matter and antimatter will annihilate upon contact.


Murray Toews | Manitoba

4:22, SD, 2012

Canadian Premiere

A solitary journey of an anonymous individual stranded at a party deep in the woods. He must walk through a dark cold night and find his way home through “levels” of the human landscape.