I Got A Videotape DVD


During the late 90’s and early 2000’s the VHS compilation scene in Manitoba was dominated by Drue and Myles Langlois; two perfectly amateur video artists hailing from the underdog town of Brandon. These compilations with titles like Terrible Moviola, Digitalis Imperfecto, Videa Videola, Christopher Andrews’ Chili Nightmares, Hi-electronic-Fi, Cinema Digestico and Delirious Photoplay, are 30-minute master classes in raw creativity, in-camera effects and dark comedic timing. Upon viewing one of these tapes, there is a sense that the content might be the visual archives of a lost civilization; a found reverse S.O.S (S.Y.S?) tape letting the viewer or fellow artist know that it’s okay to have a sense of humour, joy is not a crime and that imagination should always trump technical limitation.

Along with favorite scenes from Drue and Myles’ previous moviolas, this final compilation, I GOT A VIDEOTAPE, compiles never-before-seen footage of skits, experiments, commercials for non-existent products, and fires.


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