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From Abstraction to the Underground, Curated by Guillaume Lafleur
Cinematheque, 100 Arthur Street, Saturday, October 5, @ 5PM

Experimental cinema in the Cinémathèque québécoise's collections.

This program shows some experimental films from the Cinémathèque québécoise collections that have different textures and belong to different periods. However, they dialogue with each other either at the level of the plastic approaches and the techniques, or insofar as the films belong to the same time of creation. Here we have a large historical gap from the 1940s to the 1980s. Most of these titles have been very little shown in Canada in recent decades. The program is shared between rare copies of our archives and new scans made by us.

The thematic spectrum remains wide: abstract animation film (Webber), pre-expanded cinema (Labrecque ; Brault), proposals tinged with horror surrealism (Lafleur / Desrosiers) or playful (Cournoyer), extirpated works from the underground French (O'Leary), creepy experimental student movie (Bourque) or the pioneering Montreal LGBT current of the 1980s (Lafontaine).




Film inédit de Gordon Webber
1948 | 4 | 35mm on video



Conflit/Conflict, Michel Brault
1967 | 10 | 2x35mm on video

Film projected on two screens, one vertical and one horizontal, in room 2 of the Canada Pavilion at Expo 67, "Building Canada" section. (CQ) / This film summarizes the way of life of the first settlers in Canada and the conflicts between the different ethnic groups.



One Thousand (Essai à la mille), Jean-Claude Labrecque
1970 | 7 | 35mm

Burning and hallucinatory images on an incantatory text, the Apocalypse according to Saint John. From a musical work by the French composer Pierre Henry.



Tant que s’illuminera l’animal stratifié, Robert Desrosiers & Jean Lafleur
1965 | 25 | 16mm

The credits indicate that it is a poem in images and sounds, but this film with surrealist aspirations, which quotes Luis Buñuel cheerfully, is stranger than poetic, with its fantastic universe peopled with characters that look like from Star Trek, his allusions to horror cinema (blood spurting from an electrical outlet) and his baroque assemblage of various effects. As long as the stratified animal is illuminated, it is a UFO in Quebec production of the 1960s. For the anecdote, Jean Lafleur went on to make himself known by producing The Mystery of the Million Dollar Puck Hockey and Ilsa, the Tigress of Siberia. (Marcel Jean, Dictionary of Quebec films)



Day Tripper, Étienne O’Leary
1966 | 9 | 16mm on video

A woman walks, loves, eats and bathes, dances. Everything happens in a room.
Sometimes flash back, or visualization of previous or later scenes. Unless the life of the room is an obsession while she lives the other scenes.



Jolicoeur touriste, Louise Bourque
1989 | 11 | 16mm

The inner life of an isolated tourist.



Corpusculaire, Yves Lafontaine
1989 | 10 | 16mm on video

The structure of the film is based on a mixture of re-filmed scenes, restructured voices, pornographic extracts, erotic tales and whale songs. It is an essay on the representation of the male body in gay pornography that refers to corpuscular theory (also called wave theory). According to this physical theory, light is created by the discontinuity of matter and energy. (Light Cone)



Old Orchard PQ, Michèle Cournoyer
1981 | 8 | 16mm on video

On the famous American beach where most vacationers are Quebecers, a girl is seduced by her fantasies. Never have we seen so many lobsters on a beach! An animation of cut papers.




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