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Structure, Interrogation
Cinematheque, 100 Arthur Street, Wednesday, October 2, @ 9PM

Alternative title: Machines for Living. Six vivid interrogations of structure in various form. Modes of experimental documentary and essay filmmaking dovetail with kinetic structural works, exploring architecture, choreography, rhythm and resistance. Mechanisms of the state and mechanisms of control inform how daily life is lived, and the potential for disruption ever present is revealed. Please note that this program contains films with rapid movement and flashing light.



Machine for Living - Défense, Sabrina Ratté
2018 | CA | 3 | video | Manitoban Premiere

Machine for Living is a project elaborated in the context of a 9 month residency at Château Ephémère (Carrière-sous-Poissy, France). The video series investigates the architecture of the new towns (Villes nouvelles) and brutalist habitation buildings in the surroundings of Paris. Cities such as Noisy-le-Grand, Montigny-le-Bretonneux, Créteil, Grigny, Cergy-Pontoise, Nanterre and Ivry-sur-Seine were at the center of this research. Created using photographs, 3D animation and video synthesizer, Machine for living combines documentation and abstraction and straddles the line between utopia and dystopia.



Cactus Raptus, Maxime Hot
2018 | FR | 7 | video | Canadian Premiere

Raptus (rapture in Latin) is a strong disturbance of consciousness provoking a sudden impulse urging the subject to act violently in a reflex way.
Cactus is a spiny plant whose certain species contain psychoactive substances.
Cactus Raptus combines these two elements.
Cactus used as a plastic and dynamic pattern is growing up on the screen.
It progressively disturbs the space around us, entering our bodies up to the brain.
Crisis is coming. We're about to feel the compulsive energy of raptus.



Deploiements, Stéphanie Lagarde
2018 | FR | 16 | video | Canadian Premiere

Déploiements deals with the practice of control, both physically and symbolically. The video draws a parallel between two types of simulation: a team of fighter pilots mentally preparing for an air show, and a piece of software that simulates the behaviour of a crowd protesters. Power is presented as a game of being seen and being invisible.



Shifting Steps, Heidi Phillips
2019 | CA | 4 | 16mm on video | World Premiere

Shifting Steps is a short experimental documentary film examining divisions in class and gender. Women marching side by side using techniques on black and white film including ray-o-grams, contact printing, tinting and toning. The film aesthetically shows light and darkness with images of women peeking through the shadows.



Displacement, Maxime Corbeil-Perron
2019 | CA | 9 | video | Canadian Premiere

An expressionist composition, that explores illusions, fear and wonder, through flickers of stop-motion animation, electroacoustic music and analogue video synthesis.



House of Furies, Nanna Rebekka & Pernille L. Matzen
2019 | DK | 28 | 16mm on video | Canadian Premiere

In the middle of Copenhagen lies a job centre that recently went bankrupt. Those who should have helped others find work through courses and PowerPoint presentations about competence optimisation, are now unemployed themselves. Plastic plants, old ring binders and outdated Xerox machines are all that is left in the grey basement premises on Ryesgade. One hundred years ago, the same building was a state workplace for the poor, and today it has been taken over by the local departments of American test centres for the recently unemployed. In this mausoleum of idleness, a clairvoyant man wanders around and establishes an occult contact to the dreams and sufferings of the past, while a restless 16mm camera scans the empty corridors as if it was trying to map the tragic inner architecture of emptiness. The directing duo Pernille Lystlund Matzen and Nanna Rebekka have created their location-based film on the basis of thorough historical research, but they at the same time overstep the sober facts with a floating and enigmatic interpretation of the historical facts.


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