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Who Do You Love?
Cinematheque, 100 Arthur Street, Friday, October 4, @ 9PM

“He was a boy / She was a girl / Could I make it any more obvious?”

Who and how and where we love informs how we experience the world. The films in this program contend with that idea, presenting an array of ways of being and of being in love. Visual, narrative and essayistic explorations of not only romantic love, but love for family, community and place, alongside docu-fiction portraits of identity and desire at odds with heteronormative convention, offer a thoroughly knotty discourse on the subject. By turns tender, sincere, snarky and cynical, the work here reveals there’s more to love than just hearts and roses (though there are plenty of those here too).



The Transfiguration, Stephan Ganoff
2018 | BU | 20.5 | video | Canadian Premiere

The Transfiguration reflects the world of those whose identity falls outside the normative social narrative. He lives in Germany. Sometimes he is a she. He is honest with his mother. She understands him and accepts him. He has no father. He has an uncle in Bulgaria who knows only a part of his nephew - the masculine one. It's time for the whole truth.



Mer Bleue, Cecilia Araneda
2019 | CA | 4 | 16mm on video | Canadian Premiere

A pathway through time captures the changing of seasons and the evanescence of love. Mer Bleue was shot on 16 mm and video at the Mer Bleue bog in Ottawa, Canada.



Heterosexual Love Story, Jaakko Pallasvuo
2018 | FI | 8 | video | Canadian Premiere

The filmmaker tiredly narrates a stereotypical, imagined encounter between a man and woman, abroad two different ships passing each other in the night.



Nihelious, Yuri Yefanov
2017 | UA | 10.5 | video | Manitoban Premiere

Nihelious - a film about nihilism. "Ious" is a Latin derivative of the suffix, which forms adjectives, which indicate completeness, the highest degree of designated quality (in this case, nihilism). The work is made of videos designed for wedding films. Angels, hearts, roses - all this 3D graphics created specifically for wedding videos in the early 2000's which was used as a design, an extra entourage for wedding films to enhance their aesthetic appeal.



Bees & Space, Trinity Linklater
2019 | CA | 2 | video | World Premiere | Emerging Artist Award

This is a film that touches on my thoughts about growing up. I wanted to use things that I think were appealing to my eye.



Kuujjuaq, Sammy Gadbois
2017 | CA | 5 | video

A video essay about the perspective of a teenager on his hometown.



Bubby & Them, Hazel Katz & Je'Jae Daniels
2017 | US | 19.5 | video | Canadian Premiere | Best International Work

When Je’Jae is kicked out of their home, attacked on the street, and ostracized by religious leaders, adoptive grandmother Bubby Razi provides a space of refuge and resilience.



How to make a better world?, Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani
2018 | TG/DE | 1 | video | Canadian Premiere

This video shot next to a window, shows the artist saying the words: love, tolerance, solidarity and peace. The video How to make a better world? is a reflection on values that help build a better world.

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