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Some of My Parts
Cinematheque, 100 Arthur Street, Saturday, October 5, @ 3PM

Head, shoulders, knees and toes; also: teeth, worms, stray false nails, simulated flesh and dysfunctional furniture. Beginning with a prayer to the skin demon, the films and videos in this collection examine what it means to inhabit a body, and explore the strangely alienating and often traumatic experiences associated with corporeality. Diaristic reflection, visceral animation and DIY narrative see the body centered and extended, and as much is conveyed about psychology as physiology in the process. 



The Skin Is Good, OJOBOCA
2018 | DE | 12 | 16mm | Canadian Premiere

The skin fiend is a stranger. He sent us strange messages (and a package). In the last message the skin fiend said, “Try to be skin fiends for a moment. How, you ask? Well, to be a skin fiend one has to summon the skin demon. To summon the skin demon, one has to say the skin prayer. We made this film for you, skin fiend. What do you think?



Exit Strategy #1, Kym McDaniel
2017 | US | 7 |video | Canadian Premiere

I develop debilitating chronic pain after a head injury and seek answers about why I cannot heal. I start unraveling the aftermath and realize my pain has dissociated me not only from my mind, muscles, and bones, but from the world. Segments inspired by Christine Miserandino's Spoon Theory of chronic illness. The first in a series regarding my ability to cope with my emotional and physical traumas.



Magic Bath , Grace Mitchell
2018 | US | 8 | video | Canadian Premiere

Magic Bath is a diaristic collection of reconciled footage from the filmmaker’s adolescence into adulthood.



ULTRA, Carol-Ann Belzil-Normand
2017 | CA | 2 | video | Manitoban Premiere

ULTRA is a psychedelic film about the dysfunction between furniture and the female body. Through a series of colorful and animated background, an aesthetic and conceptual change operates between the furniture and the body.



Aural Fixation, Svava Tergesen & Jamie Dunkle
2019 | CA | 3 | 16mm | World Premiere

Our voice has the power to construct identity and give form to our experience. But what remains after language falls apart, communication becomes bewitched, or signals get crossed?



Exit Strategy #2, Kym McDaniel
2017 | US | 5.5 | video | Canadian Premiere

I seek treatment for a head injury and a memory is triggered from years earlier. In resistance to my past ways of coping, I release this stored body memory. The second in a series regarding my ability to cope with my emotional and physical traumas.



Métis Femmes Bodies, Chanelle Lajoie
2018 | CA | 6 | video

The confusions and celebrations of existing within a body that experiences marginalization in a multitude of forms are shared on screen by the handfuls of Métis femmes who discuss what it means to exist as a womxn, what being Métis means to them, and how the intersections of these two identifiers have influenced their existence.



After Birth, The Ephemerals
2018 | CA | 3.5 | video

After Birth, an inter-generational journey to return to a ceremonial custom of burying the ‘after birth.’ Dr Elder Mary Courchene narrates in Anishnaabegmowin the meaning of this gesture, to create a way of the good life for the next generation and to give back to the earth what was created in order to give life. Together three women and their kids walk the land and affirm their intergenerational knowledge and active presence in ancestral memories and matrilineal leadership.



Lucid Noon Sunset Blush, Alli Logout
2015 | US | 32 | video

17-year-old bb gay Micha has just moved into The Palace - a basement full of queer femme Dominatrix, lovers and misfits. They are beautiful, carefree and as young as the night.



Teeth and Worms, Alison Davis
2018 | CA | 1 | video

In this hand-painted animation, a woman examines her face closely in the mirror.


* Program contains nudity and mature subject matter.


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